Gaping Heals


Created by soupoftheday on 7/10/2024

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Rooted Dryad - Not a lot of 1 drops to choose from. Helps with an extra attack for a kill or health to let someone survive.

Restless Phalanx - Good dmg and rebuild is nice. Look to trade this with a monster or play in a free lane to sneak dmg in.

Trappers - Good dmg, niche ability, and could survive to heal against 1 dmg minions.

Freyhel - Healing synergy using her ability to ping monsters.

Clan of the Oak - Tanky midline stats to hopefully stay around and heal.

Clearing Dryad - same as above. I can see this going to 3. Ability is also niche, but good.

Cloud Tearers - Good removal. Only really play them when I can finish something off with them.

Errant Lord - Good value and 2 bodies. Midline stats to also hopefully heal.

Wind Riders - Solid stats and amazing value if you can get some rebuilds off and slow down pillaging.

Gulbjarn - Beefy bear and solid ability

Tusken Warriors - Can be a good finisher or removal.

Beraph Star - Has never been played personally as it always seems to get pillaged, but waiting for the day. Good stats and abilities.

Oath of Riders - Barrier and assault have come in clutch and trample is great if you can drop it on a large ally.

All spells involve armor or healing to keep the big boys around longer and get value from Freyhel's pings. Keeping the curve cheap to allow for more early game stabilization

Potential changes - Maybe swapping a spell for more removal. Adding +1 Clearing Dryad and -1 4 drop.

Castle (1)
1 x The Gaping Maw
Ally (25)
3 x Rooted Dryad
3 x Restless Phalanx
3 x Trappers
1 x Freyhel
3 x Clan of the Oak
2 x Clearing Dryad
3 x Cloud Tearers
3 x Errant Lord
1 x Wind Riders
1 x Gulbjarn
1 x Tusken Warriors
1 x Beraph Star
Spell (14)
3 x Bloodlust
3 x Skytear Mine
3 x Psychic Shield
3 x Barring The Way
2 x Speak with the Spirits
Attachment (1)
1 x Oath of Riders


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