Rootbuild Guerilla


Created by Ross on 7/4/2024

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Castle (1)
1 x Beraph of Grialth
Ally (28)
3 x Rooted Dryad
1 x Freyhel
3 x Restless Phalanx
3 x Canopy Hunters
2 x Storm Phalanx
3 x Clan of the Icefish
2 x Rebirth Disciple
2 x Tallyman
2 x Tribe Warriors
3 x The Scaruspex
1 x Wind Riders
1 x Beraph Star
1 x Heraal
1 x Tusken Warriors
Spell (8)
3 x Psychic Shield
3 x Barring The Way
2 x Speak with the Spirits
Tower (3)
3 x Haunted Ruins
Attachment (1)
1 x Oath of Riders



20 days ago

Isnt this deck an illegal deck? The Castle says you cant include Yellow Rares only base.


18 days ago

But you also can add any ally rare or base, regardless of color. The base restriction on yellow only applies to spells, attachments and towers. That's why it doesn't have Discovery in the Depth :)


18 days ago

Oh i get it (finally) lol, thankyou.

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