[Year 1] Mentalist//Heroic Solo/Coop


Created by hoang_iee2000 on 7/1/2024

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This build help me to clear out Year 1 bosses.

It should work great in both solo/coop with a variety of spells can help supporting your friend.


  • Get +6 mana in stage 2 to get Circle of Mentalists + 1/2 Attachment to kill shot the Outsider


  • Buffing Haburat or a Bushido ally to oneshot the boss.

24 reliable allies:

  • Cost mostly ranging from 2 - 3 can easily help you to hold out in stage 1 easily.

  • Utilize Bushido units and Defense buff from Castle/Spell to clear Minions as well as accumulating "heroic" damage.

  • Rebuild from Restless Phalanx & Psychic Shield can help you to hold out from losing by pillaging.

  • Playing Akhuti early can help you spamming cards with +1 mana/turn.

11 Spells:

  • Mostly 1 cost buff spell, combing with your Castle ability can help you to sustain damage reliably.

  • Skytear Mine is a no-brainer with 2 castle healing helps negating the damage from playing "discounted" Thunder Cavalry.

  • Dragon Punch can act as an ultimate spell for landing a killing blow on Outsider/Portal/Minion.

2 Tower:

  • Steam Tower with 3 charges can help to get you out of sticky situation with +1 damage. Place it in lane 5.

  • Farsight Tower with 2 charges can help you to get Attachments from Discards as a safety measures for pillaging.

Castle (1)
1 x The Executioner's Den
Ally (24)
3 x Restless Phalanx
3 x Bushido of the Rose
3 x Bushido of the Sakura
2 x Bushido of the Peony
2 x Echoed Saboteur
1 x Mentalist Disciple
1 x Akhuti
3 x Crane Shadows
2 x Thunder Cavalry
1 x Clan of the Oak
2 x Bushido Officier
1 x Haburat
Spell (11)
2 x Psychic Shield
2 x Bloodlust
3 x Skytear Mine
2 x Shadow of Death
2 x Dragon Punch
Tower (3)
1 x Steam Tower
1 x Farsight Tower
1 x Circle of Mentalists
Attachment (2)
1 x Shield Mentalist
1 x Summoner Mentalist


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