K-Warriors/T-Followers deck #1


Created by ReapingJoker on 6/26/2024

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My first constructed deck. Feel free to try it and some feedback would be great. Never been good or keen at deck constructing but I'd like to get better at it.

Castle (1)
1 x The Leviathan's Temple
Ally (22)
3 x Shadowling
3 x Bushido of the Rose
2 x Bushido of the Peony
3 x Underwood Dryad
3 x Stalker Pack
2 x Thunder Cavalry
2 x Bushido Officier
2 x Tribe Warriors
1 x Cotlic
1 x Ixatosk
Spell (7)
3 x Death Grasp
2 x Dragon Punch
1 x Sinkhole
1 x Twist Allegiance
Tower (8)
2 x Steam Tower
2 x Ritual Pillar
2 x Stone Pillar
2 x Guard Pillar
Attachment (3)
3 x Lightning Naginata



25 days ago

Good solid base, mixing Guerilla and Heroic 😀 If you have Monoliths, there's good things to add to that theme (Tower of Grief, Rebirth Disciple …). My two cents : Death Grasp (because of its price) and Steam Tower (because it's hard to maintain a board big enough) aren't easy to use efficiently. 22 allies is a little low, i wouldn't go without 25+ but that’s me. Flesh Hunter works well with Guerilla, Canopy Hunters are great (and makes Scarifiers worthier to take too). Don't hesitate to dab a little in blue (Bloodlust is a cheaper alternative at Death Grasp). Ixatosk is a great hero, but with all those Heroic allies, Tlakali might be even better to redirect some damages to the "right" targets and activate their Heroic strength earlier.


24 days ago

Thank you, I will try it out and let you know how it performs.

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