Taulot Crush Liothan Mana/Heal Splash


Created by LibertarianJoe on 2/25/2023

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** 3/14/23 Follow up: Finished off the series vs all outsiders/hordes on painful only dropping two games, one against Beast Lord and one against Ambassador. Very happy with how the balance turned out for this deck. Have been caught up with work & spending a little time with Final Girl lately but am looking to work on a Liothan/Nupten deck next and will post once I have a chance to do some tests on normal and move up to painful.

What's nice are the very flexible win conditions. If the deck isn't pulling your guerilla fighters to deal with minions early, the churn should be good to pull a behemoth off the bench pretty quickly. Likewise, if you're pulling a lot of guerilla early game, minions are pretty much a non-issue and work as free card draw to start snowballing dryad buffs & muta. If you can pull early game Canopy Hunters/Scarifier/Bush Dryad combo it's smooth sailing.

Sacrifice is included over Death Grasp in this list mainly due to mana cost & the ability to pump it instead of being a set -2/-2. It's great for getting around heavy armor/barrier/outsiders who jump around (looking at you Ambassador) and has a bunch of great synergies in the deck e.g. clearing/underwood/bush dryads to build counters, Speak with the Spirits & Sacrifice (2 mana -4/-4), Flesh Hunter & any guerilla, or if you're lucky and can get Cotlic on the board, it's a great combo with his exhaust. I've not tried swapping out the Bloodlust for Death Grasp as I like the 1 mana cost and I like to put as many allies out as I can, but they're both interrupts during treachery phase so it may work for your playstyle.

Castle (1)
1 x The Living Rampart
Ally (27)
3 x Shamans
2 x Scarifier
3 x Underwood Dryad
3 x Canopy Hunters
2 x Behemoth
1 x Tlakali
2 x Bush Dryad
3 x Stalker Pack
1 x The Living Jungle
3 x Clearing Dryad
2 x Tribe Warriors
1 x Cotlic
1 x Flesh Hunter
Spell (12)
3 x Sacrifice
3 x Bloodlust
3 x Skytear Mine
1 x Sinkhole
2 x Speak with the Spirits
Tower (1)
1 x Draining Pillar


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