Gaping Maw - Hard solo


Created by NerdyDork on 2/22/2023

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Solo against Death Dealer on hard, this deck wins about 70% of the time. This includes the additional 4 common cards from the expansion. Playing with these 4 common cards + the original 4 common cards, can be very challenging, especially if you draw the commons early game, so you'll have to prioritize killing minions to avoid decking out.

General card strategy:

  • when playing Underwood Dryad, mutaform it with +2 health. You can use it multiple turns to block and destroy 1 health/1 attack minions.

  • mulligan for Canopy Hunters and Stalker Packs so you can guerilla minions.

  • Wind Rider's fight ability is extremely helpful when the portal summons two cards and applies buffs to a minion. Can keep that minion from pillaging until you're able to guerilla it's health down or otherwise take it out.

  • Clan of the Wildcat should be used to destroy +1 minions or block big hitting monsters. If drawn early game, use it two turns in a row to destroy +1 minions. On the third turn, either block a monster with a big attack and low health or use its fight ability to return it to your hand.

  • Cloud Tearers are expensive but can be worth using early game if you have a big monster or beefed up minion. Often, I'll play it to knock off two health from a monster, then swap lanes with an unengaged ally with 1 health remaining. I'll engage a minion with the Cloud Tearer, and destroy it during the fight phase. If the minion didn't get a +1 to fight, then I'll use Cloud Tearer one more time to destroy another minion or block a big monster.

1 x The Gaping Maw
3 x Shamans
3 x Clan of the Wildcat
3 x Canopy Hunters
3 x Underwood Dryad
2 x Clan of the Falcon
3 x Stalker Pack
1 x Corjof
3 x Cloud Tearers
2 x Clan of the Elk
1 x Wind Riders
1 x Gulbjarn
2 x Clan of the Boar
1 x Tusken Warriors
3 x Bloodlust
3 x Skytear Mine
2 x Speak with the Spirits
1 x Overwhelm
2 x Guard Pillar
1 x Runic Catapult


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