Heroes Never Die / Upside Down


Created by ChaosTheoryCCG on 2/18/2023

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The goal of this deck was to be able to knock out two achievements in one match -- Heroes Never Die and Upside Down. I leaned really heavily into debuff effects to preserve Yami on the combo turn and Guerilla units to keep the Minions from destroying my castle. Got it on my second try on the middle difficulty against Nightmare deck with The Dreaming Matriarch Outsider. Gonna try it on some harder difficulties later.

In general though, I think this deck is pretty strong! It's very fun to play. Enjoy!

Castle (1)
1 x The Wind Burner
Ally (21)
2 x Bushido of the Rose
2 x Scarifier
3 x Canopy Hunters
3 x Echoed Saboteur
2 x Thunder Cavalry
2 x Cicada Shadows
3 x Stalker Pack
1 x Sakoshi
2 x Tribe Warriors
1 x Yami
Spell (12)
3 x Shadow of Death
1 x Combustion
2 x Dragon Punch
3 x Death Grasp
3 x Strike Terror
Tower (3)
2 x Stone Pillar
1 x Star Piercer
Attachment (4)
3 x Lightning Naginata
1 x Katana of the Dusk


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