Achievement Hunt: The Mentalist


Created by PvEGamer on 2/12/2023

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3-faction deck for hunting the mentalist achievement. The currently very limited cardpool (base box) doesn't give us much flexibility when not being able to include allies.

Castle (1)
1 x The Cloud Gate
Ally (2)
1 x Akhuti
1 x Shaidrus
Spell (28)
3 x Skytear Mine
3 x Barring The Way
3 x Psychic Shield
3 x Shadow of Death
3 x Bloodlust
2 x Overflow
2 x Discovery in the Depths
3 x Strike Terror
2 x Stream of Life
2 x Speak with the Spirits
2 x Mind Control
Tower (5)
2 x Frostbite Outpost
2 x Farsight Tower
1 x Circle of Mentalists
Attachment (5)
3 x Scepter of Kamnu
1 x Shield Mentalist
1 x Summoner Mentalist


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