Mental Health


Created by davidsaurus on 1/30/2023

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Your win condition revolves around:

  • Find either Shield Mentalist or Summoner Mentalist

  • Attach to castle

  • Find Circle of Mentalists

  • Bomb the outsider and/or portal for 10 damage

Early game you need to survive and control the board, especially minions. Use spells to take favourable trades, and cards like Clan of the Wildcat and Frostbite Outpost to stall monsters.

Castle (1)
1 x The Cloud Gate
Ally (16)
3 x Echoed Saboteur
3 x Clan of the Wildcat
1 x Akhuti
1 x Mentalist Disciple
2 x Clan of the Falcon
3 x Clan of the Oak
2 x Clan of the Elk
1 x Haburat
Spell (16)
3 x Shadow of Death
1 x Psychic Shield
3 x Skytear Mine
3 x Barring The Way
2 x Overflow
2 x Discovery in the Depths
2 x Speak with the Spirits
Tower (4)
2 x Frostbite Outpost
1 x Farsight Tower
1 x Circle of Mentalists
Attachment (4)
2 x Lightning Naginata
1 x Shield Mentalist
1 x Summoner Mentalist


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