The Frostbite Stronghold Starter Deck


Created by Patrick on 1/12/2023

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This is the starter deck for the Frostbite Stronghold castle. Basically all the blue cards combined together.

Castle (1)
1 x The Frostbite Stronghold
Ally (26)
3 x Shamans
3 x Clan of the Wildcat
1 x Corjof
3 x Clan of the Oak
2 x Clan of the Falcon
3 x Cloud Tearers
2 x Clan of the Elk
2 x Clan of the Maple
1 x Wind Riders
2 x Clan of the Boar
1 x Gulbjarn
2 x Dawn Defenders
1 x Tusken Warriors
Spell (11)
3 x Skytear Mine
3 x Bloodlust
2 x Stream of Life
2 x Speak with the Spirits
1 x Overwhelm
Tower (3)
2 x Frostbite Outpost
1 x Runic Catapult


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