Type: Heroic Ally

Faction: Liothan

Amount: 1

Cost: 4

Health: 1

Attack: 3

Rarity: Legendary


After you play an ally, Vorhild deals 1 damage to a monster engaged with her.

Exhaust: For the remainder of the turn, reduce all damage dealt to and dealt by Vorhild to zero. (Does not prevent extra trample damage.)

Frequently asked questions

These answers are taken from official FAQ or responses from the discord.

Question: How does trample work against Vorhild when exhausted?

Answer: If an attack of 4 with trample is coming in towards Vorhild, 1 damage of that would be combat damage and the other 3 damage would be trample damage. By using her ability, you only prevent the 1 damage and the trample damage would still hit the castle.